CyberLock Applications for Vending
Vending machine operators face many challenges such as unauthorized key duplication and revenue shortages. It’s estimated that the typical business will lose an average of 6% of revenues from employee theft. For a vending operation, it could be as much as 40%. The CyberLock electronic access and key management system offers a practical, proven solution for loss prevention and other security concerns affecting the vending industry.


CyberLock tracks access to each individual lock so you know when a machine has been accessed and when. With automated activity reports and email alerts you can monitor each route to ensure your employees have been making required service stops.

Key Control

CyberKey smart keys are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of the key ID code, meaning each CyberKey is unique and traceable. Passwords in the system’s software and hardware are unique to each installation and protect against creation of unauthorized keys. If a key is lost or stolen, it can be quickly deactivated.

Loss Prevention

Unlike mechanical locks, CyberLock cylinders have no keyway to pick. Once installed, cylinders resist forced rotation and are designed to remain in the locked position if tampered with.

“CyberLock eliminated our losses due to unauthorized key duplication; the system paid for itself in 60 days.”

-Business Owner


  • Loss Prevention
  • Key Control

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