White Papers

Managing Dynamic Access

This white paper will demonstrate how organizations operating in the
critical infrastructure arena can employ thoughtful connectivity to modernize their
access control systems without sacrificing security.

Securing Aviation Facilities

Disruptions in this sector can unfortunately end with traumatic results that leave indelible marks on our society. Consequently, the Transportation sector employs some of our nation’s most extensive safety and security measures. Countless aspects of our daily lives rely on the efficacy of these measures.

Securing Telecom Infrastructure

Persisting threats of terrorism and a succession of devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires emphasize our country’s dependence on effective national telecommunication infrastructure. Reliable, resilient communication services provide a vital bridge between emergency responders, firefighters, law enforcement, and civilians in times of emergency.

Securing Water Utilities

The Water and Wastewater Systems Sector is managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who, under the authority of Congress, developed vulnerability guidelines. These guidelines help water utilities evaluate their susceptibility to potential threats and identify corrective actions necessary to reduce risks. With these guidelines in mind, Water and Wastewater facilities are considering solutions that allow them to secure their perimeters, track the movement of individuals, and prevent unauthorized access to physical assets.

Securing Power Facilities

With an annual consumption exceeding 4,000 terawatt hours (TWh), the United States is the world’s second largest electricity consumer. Thousands of electrical power utilities are responsible for ensuring that our power generation and distribution facilities are capable of meeting this enormous demand. Collectively, these utilities face a monumental task. Even brief disruptions in supply can wreak havoc at a local or regional level. To say that security within the energy sector is imperative may even be an understatement.

Securing Transportation Infrastructure

One of the goals highlighted in this report specifically speaks to the management of “risks to physical, human, and cyber elements of critical transportation infrastructure,” or CISA. One important element that Transportation Departments across the nation have identified as problematic is physical security of traffic cabinets and roadside communication equipment.

Securing Vending Systems

This white paper explains the challenges associated with securing vending systems using traditional methods and illustrates how CyberLock can be the solution.

Securing Worship Facilities

Traditionally, access control in worship facilities revolves around locks and keys. Key control can be a difficult task for any organization. Keys are easily copied or lost, leading to a number of potential security issues. Most churches cannot afford the cost of re-keying their facility every time a key is lost. Therefore, they brace themselves for the consequences and accept the risks associated with too many keys in circulation.