CyberKey Vault Key Control Applications

CyberLock CyberKey Vaults

Emergency Response

Transportation management personnel such as construction workers and emergency services teams share access to vaults installed in strategic locations along the highway system. Access to remote secured locations via CyberKey smart keys stored in the vaults is convenient, efficient, and auditable.

Vault Applications

Wellness Checks

Inmate wellness checks at a county jail are managed through the use of CyberKey Vault key cabinets. Every 20 to 50 minutes a guard performs security checks by presenting a CyberKey to CyberPoint checkpoints and CyberLock cylinders throughout the facility. When rounds are completed, the key is returned to the key cabinet and a report is e-mailed to supervisors verifying the security check is complete.

Vault Applications

Shrinkage Control

A CyberKey Vault is used to reduce shrinkage at a state university dining hall. Employees can only access storage areas with a CyberKey smart key maintained in a CyberKey Vault. A detailed audit trail is recorded of who accessed the storage area and when. Since the introduction of a CyberLock system and the CyberKey Vault key cabinets, the chronic issue of food service shrinkage has been addressed.