Commercial Facilities

Securing a building in today’s world requires more than locking the outside doors and windows. Most facilities have zones requiring varying degrees of protection, from high security areas such as research labs and server rooms to perimeter gates and frequently accessed supply cabinets. Cost-effective access and key control for all levels of security throughout a facility is a major benefit of the CyberLock system. Retrofitting with CyberLock is straightforward with minimal impact on the facility and maximum impact on the level of security.

Affordable & Cost Effective

Installing CyberLock requires a low initial investment. CyberLock cylinders retrofit into existing door hardware and install without power or wiring, making increasing security quick and affordable.

Key Management & Access Control

CyberLock provides increased key control. Each CyberKey can be programmed with customized access privileges based on time, date, and authority level.

Meets Government Regulations

Businesses that must comply with TSA, NERC-CIP, EPA, and HIPAA regulations can benefit from the system’s audit reporting of lock and key activity that provides critical information when investigating suspected security breaches.

“With CyberLock, we gained the access and key control we needed without compromising the historical integrity of our buildings.”

-Executive Director


  • Key Control
  • Access Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Contractor Management

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