Retirement Communities

CyberLock Security for Retirement Communities

Security Challenges for Retirement Communities

Retirement communities face a variety of security challenges. Ensuring the safety and security of residents is critical. Additionally, securing and controlling access to medication and medical records is important for both resident safety as well as staff liability. HIPAA regulations require healthcare facilities to secure resident data and provide proof that the data is secure. With a large amount of turnover in both residents and staff, standard mechanical locks and keys can become problematic. Issuing several keys to both staff and residents can become confusing and the security of the facility can easily be jeopardized. CyberLock is virtually tailor made for retirement communities. It offers security at every locking point without hardwiring. Additionally, CyberKey smart keys are designed with electronic access codes allowing a user to carry a single key that can access one, several, or all the locks in the system.


  • Reduce liability & increase accountability
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Customize access schedules for both employees and residents
  • Control access to restricted areas, even padlocked gates or cabinet drawers
  • Track access attempts with detailed audit reports
  • Integrate your existing hardwired system using CyberLock Flex to have ultimate access control over all locking points

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