CyberLock Applications for Schools

A key part of providing a high-quality educational experience is having facilities that are safe and secure. In the last decade schools and universities have carried out many steps to make facilities safer for students and staff members. Many of the improvements can be attributed to greater awareness of the need for security as well as the availability of new and improved tools to enhance campus safety. CyberLock offers facility managers an affordable solution for controlling access to storage rooms, computer carts, and medical records, and can be retrofitted into doors, cabinets, or padlocks.


CyberLock electronic cylinders are designed to work in a wire-free environment and retrofit into existing mechanical lock hardware, making installation quick, easy, and affordable.

Key Control

CyberLock provides increased security and key control. CyberKey smart keys are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of the key ID code, meaning each CyberKey is unique and traceable. Keys can be deactivated if lost or stolen, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and eliminating the need to re-key.

Access Control

With CyberLock, users can control who accesses any area of a facility, and when. System administrators can create and view custom audit reports on access activity and create automatic email notifications on specific events.

“CyberLock has helped us ensure the safety and security of our students. It has given our teachers peace of mind as well.”

-Facility Manager


  • Key Control
  • Maintenance Management

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