Traffic Control

CyberLock Applications for Traffic Control
The traffic control industry faces some unique security challenges.
Securing traffic control boxes, digital signs, traffic lights and other
infrastructure can be extremely challenging and cost prohibitive. Making sure that the public does not change settings on digital signs or remove expensive copper from traffic control boxes is of the utmost importance. Additionally, ensuring that traffic boxes are getting serviced regularly and that emergency personnel can access them is highly critical.

Accountability & Contractor Management

The key control and audit reporting CyberLock provides can help manage access for contractors and employees alike. All key, padlock, and lock activity is recorded in both the lock and the key. Email alerts and audit reports keep management informed of each person’s activities.

Loss Prevention

Unlike mechanical locks, CyberLock cylinders have no traditional keyway to pick. Once installed, cylinders resist forced rotation and are designed to remain in the locked position if tampered with.


An entire city’s traffic control boxes can be quickly retrofitted with CyberLock. Simply remove the cylinder from the mechanical lock in each traffic control box and replace it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder.

“CyberLock fits the bill very well.”

— Operations Manager


  • Accountability & Contractor Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Convenient

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