CyberKey Smart Keys

CyberLock Products

Programmed with access permissions for each key holder, CyberKey smart keys serve as the gatekeeper for the CyberLock system. In addition, they provide the power needed to energize the CyberLock cylinder.

Key Scheduling

Each key contains a specific list of authorized locks and schedules of when they may be accessed. For example, a key can be programmed to allow access to one set of locks from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and to another set of locks only from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. Keys presented outside of these schedules are denied access.

Key Control

Keys can be assigned a start date and an expiration date. This means keys can be issued before they become active, and can be set to expire at a specific time in the future. Key holders must reauthorize keys before access will be granted again. Setting short-term expiration dates is an excellent way to minimize risk due to lost or stolen keys.

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CyberKey Facts

  • CyberKey smart keys are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of the key ID code, meaning each CyberKey is unique and traceable.
  • CyberKeys contain encrypted access codes to identify the system to which they belong.
  • Up to 3,900 access events (Generation 1 keys) or 12,000 (Generation 2 keys), including both authorized openings and denied attempts, can be stored in memory.
  • Key memory stores access schedules and a list of locks it can open.
  • Power to the lock is supplied by the battery in the key.
  • The body is composed of a highly durable fiberglass-reinforced casing.
  • Expiration dates can be easily set and modified.
  • System provides flexible key scheduling:
    • Date and time permissions
    • Holiday scheduling
    • One-time use options