Worship Facilities

CyberLock Applications for Churches

With open access to houses of worship and facility equipment such as computers, copiers, and expensive media tools, access and key control is a challenge for congregations large and small. Because of this, churches are more susceptible to internal and external theft. Many churches acknowledge that they can no longer afford to continue with their mechanical key system and are turning to smart key solutions to not only improve security but to reduce vandalism and theft.CyberLock provides churches with the technology to track and control access throughout their facilities while staying within their budgets.

Cost Effective

Installing an access control system like CyberLock helps reduce the risk of theft and damages and can also reduce insurance premiums. In addition, CyberLock eliminates the need to re-key, saving both time and money.


You can expand the CyberLock access control system as your budget allows. Install CyberLock cylinders in sensitive areas where they are needed most, then add them to other locations as it becomes financially feasible.

Loss Prevention

Audio and video equipment is the number one stolen item from churches. Protect your equipment by installing CyberLock padlocks on AV containers and secure areas containing these assets with CyberLock cylinders.


Email alerts and audit reporting from the locks and keys will keep you informed of each person’s activities so you can monitor potential security issues.

“We could not be more pleased with the CyberLock system. I would recommend CyberLock to churches whether they are experiencing problems, or not. We should not wait for an incident to occur; instead we should be responsible and protect ourselves against unexpected events.”

-Church Elder


  • Loss Prevention
  • Key Control

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