Case Study: Bartlett United Methodist Church

Category: Worship Facilities

Challenge: Integrating multiple card reader and key systems into one access control solution

Nearly 3,000 members, plus parents and children from the community, use the Bartlett United Methodist Church in Bartlett, Tennessee as their home base for worship services, preschool and recreational activities. After the original facility burned down and was rebuilt in 1923, it has since grown to over 120,000 square feet with three different interconnected buildings.

The Church was challenged with increasing security and integrating multiple card reader systems under one software management program. They also needed greater access control after more than 80 years in the same facility. “We had three different key systems in the past, including mechanical locks and keys,” said Eddie Lindsey, the Building Engineer. “One gentleman even brought in a set of keys from 15 years ago that still opened some of the doors.” Because they have over 180 access points, they would have spent a significant amount of time and money rekeying or installing
a hard-wired system.

Another challenge BUMC faced was access control to their preschool, recreational and other community activities located on the premises. Ensuring the safety and security of the children, parents and staff was critical and not possible with traditional mechanical keys.

Solution: CyberLock

The Flex System is comprised of a variety of modules that can be mixed and matched to create a custom access control system. “The Flex System allows us to manage our current card reader system and our CyberLock key-centric solution under one management software,” Eddie Lindsey said. The church continues to grow the system, integrating two or three doors at a time, based on budget.

The CyberLock Flex System is the only access control solution that offers both hard-wired and key-centric technologies within one software package. As BUMC has discovered, there is no longer a need to choose between the versatility of a key-centric system and traditional, hard-wired access control. With the CyberLock Flex System, you can have the best of
both worlds.

Bartlett United Methodist Church
"Before installing CyberLock, we had three different key systems, including mechanical locks and keys."

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