Flex System Overview

CyberLock Flex II System

The CyberLock Flex System is a modular integrated security solution that combines the benefits of a hardwired security solution with CyberLock’s key-centric access control solution, all managed under one unified software platform. Building on the reliable platform of CyberLock’s first generation Flex System, Flex II adds more innovative capabilities and greater control over access points throughout facilities. While maintaining compatibility with first generation CyberLock Flex modules, CyberLock’s Flex II adds the capability to include FlashLock technology.

One System – Three innovative Technologies

  • Use Flex modules to increase security at high traffic doors and incorporate additional security features such as cameras and alarms. 
  • Use CyberLock cylinders and padlocks–which don’t require ­wiring–to secure remote locations.
  • Use FlashLock at doors or gates.  Allow one-time or duration limited access to an employee or contractor through text or email. The Flex II Flash Reader allow users to gain access using RFID or Flash tech.

Components and Modules

Flex System Hub – At the heart of the Flex System is the Flex System Hub, which fetches and stores CyberKey programming and door access permissions from CyberAudit software and controls the Flex System modules connected to it. Since the hub stores CyberKey programming and door access permissions, it can continue to issue and check-in CyberKeys and grant door access even during network outages that prevent a connection with CyberAudit software. Up to eight modules may connect to a Flex Hub.

Door Expander – The Flex II Door Expander (FS-DE01), compatible with the Flex II Hub (FS-SH02), is capable of controlling 4 doors. Each door may have multiple inputs and outputs in addition to a Wiegand interface. Each Door Expander has 4 RS-485 ports to optionally connect Flex II FlashReaders, Flex vaults, or Keyports. Pluggable terminal blocks allow for quick and convenient installation.

Flex Keyport – The Keyport module is a remote interface that allows a key to exchange information via a network.

RFID Modules – The RFID Reader Module (FS-RH02) is for scanning unencrypted 13.56 MHz RFID access cards used to identify a person and their permissions.

The Flex II FlashReader is an input device for CyberLock Flex II. It connects to a Flex II Controller or Door Expander to open an electric door strike. A user can gain access by presenting credentials such as RFID cards, or a cell phone using CyberLock’s Flash Technology. When using Flash Technology credentials are presented via a user’s smartphone display meaning no app is required and access can be facilitated with a text or email message.

Single Key Vault – The CyberKey Vault WR module is a very secure, ruggedized, outdoor vault that stores an un-programmed CyberKey. When approved credentials are presented to an input module, the CyberKey is programmed and can then be removed from the Vault.

Keypad Module – The Keypad Display Module is a simple user interface for entering credentials plus a display used to provide feedback, instructions, and warnings.