Flex System Door Controller

CyberLock FS-DC01 Flex System Door & I/O ControllerThe Door Controller & I/O module provides power to and drives electric strikes (or similar devices) based on authenticated reads from an associated input device. The door controller also includes the ability to interface with relay devices, such as alarms, speakers, cameras, sensors, and request to exit, and with Wiegand-compatible input & output devices, allowing for considerable customization of a security system.

The Door Controller and I/O module adds a number of capabilities to the Flex System:

  • Drive of electric strikes or mag locks that control access to doors, gates, or lockers
  • Toggling of output devices such as LEDs and sounders to indicate the current status of a door or activate a device like a camera
  • Recognition and response to a momentary input like an RTE signal
  • Recognition and response to a continuous on-off input like a door sensor
  • Acceptance of input from Wiegand-compatible RFID readers

Flex System Door Controller Facts

FS-DC01 Spec Sheet

  • Two (2) inputs
  • Two (2) outputs
  • One (1) electric strike input (or similar device)
  • Lock-on-a-clock capabilities
  • 3rd party Wiegand device support
  • Integration with wired doors