Data Centers

CyberLock Applications for Data Centers
Protecting digital assets is of the utmost importance to companies globally, small or large. With over 2.5 billion data centers worldwide, this crucial data has needs that go beyond cyber protection; it now requires adequate physical security. Negligent insiders and malicious attacks are the main cause of data breaches. With CyberLock, protect your server rooms and colocations by retrofitting existing door and server rack hardware with a CyberLock electronic lock.

Key Management & Access Control

CyberLock provides increased key control. Each CyberKey can be programmed with customized access privileges based on time, date, and authority level.


Email alerts and audit reporting from the locks and keys will keep you informed of each person’s activities so you can monitor potential security issues.

System Integration

CyberLock provides a uniformly integrated access system. Smart padlocks, electronic locks, and a hardwired door control system work together under one powerful, web-based access management structure.

“When cyber security is not enough, CyberLock allows companies to physically protect and track access to critical assets.”


  • Key Management & Access Control
  • Accountability
  • System Integration

Case Studies

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