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Secure Everywhere with CyberLock & the Flex System

Roll your mouse over the CyberLock hotspots to see details about how CyberLock products can be used in many different areas!

Existing Systems

Integrate the Flex System with third party security devices such as RFID readers, biometric scanners, alarms, and sensors for a comprehensive access control system.

Key Control

Store electronic keys on-site for increased key control. CyberKey Vaults connect directly to the software and communicate access activity as keys are returned.

Server Cabinets

Install CyberLock electronic cylinders on server cabinets to control who has access and when.

Perimeter Security

Secure, restrict, and monitor access to perimeter gates and cages containing high-value assets with CyberLock electronic padlocks.

Office Doors

Restrict access and track entry to sensitive areas that house equipment, inventory, or records.

Utility Closets

Control and monitor access to utility equipment such as electrical panels, power meters, and other mission-critical controls.

High Traffic Doors

Install Flex System modules such as RFID readers or PIN pads on high-traffic entryways.

Key Authorization

Re-authorize and update keys regularly with Authorizer Keyports, which can be installed anywhere throughout a facility or campus.

Mobile Assets

Protect goods in transit. No matter how geographically widespread operations are, CyberLock cylinders can secure containers and cargo bays anywhere.