CyberAudit-Web Basic Management Software

CyberAudit-Web Software by CyberLock

CyberAudit Basic is an excellent choice for small- or medium-sized companies that need to increase key control and accountability throughout their organization. Basic offers the basics of access control—scheduled access, auditing, and reporting—plus offers many advanced features such as email notification of events, key expirations, blocking a lost key, and multiple key and delayed access.

Basic is designed for installations of approximately 500 locks and 500 keys. In addition to the Basic software, a complete system includes CyberLock electronic cylinders, CyberKey programmable smart keys, and one or more communication devices.

Software Features

  • Manage as many as 500 locks and 500 keys
  • Download detailed audit trails of lock and key activity
  • Set key access schedules (i.e. M-F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
  • Expire and/or deactivate keys
  • Manage lost keys
  • Program locks with a multiple key mode (requires more than one key to open a lock)
  • Program locks with a delay mode (a period of time before the lock actually opens after a key has been presented)
  • Configure automatic email notifications on access activity (i.e. low battery, key expiration, notification of events)
  • Grouping capabilities for locks and people
  • Access through a LAN or securely over the Internet
  • Notebook feature to add notes about people, keys, locks, doors, communicators, and more
  • Drag and Drop item choosers
  • Support for the Cyber Access app
  • Detailed reports for lock, keys, doors, and notebook entry properties

Compatible Communicators

  • IR Encoder 1
  • IR Encoder 10
  • USB Station
  • Web Station
  • Authorizer Keyport and Hub
  • CyberKey Vault 1
  • CyberKey Vault 20 FX
  • CyberKey Vault 20S
  • CyberKey Vault WR
  • ValidiKey 2 Vault
  • Flex System

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