CyberKey Vault WR Key Control Cabinet

The CyberKey Vault WR is a small, weatherized key safe that holds a single, unprogrammed CyberKey securely. The Vault WR can be installed indoors or in harsh, outdoor environments.

CyberLock FS-CV01 Flex System Vault WRCyberLock FS-CV01 Flex System Vault WR

Gaining Access

The CyberKey Vault WR is part of the Flex System, a modular security solution that brings all of the benefits of a lock-centric access control system to the CyberLock family. A variety of Flex System input modules, such as an RFID reader or keypad display, can be used to access the Vault WR. Additionally, utilizing the Flex System Door & I/O module, the Vault WR can be accessed with 3rd party input devices such as an HID card reader.

Compatible RFID Cards

Reads most non-encrypted 13.56MHz cards such as iCode and SLI.

CyberKey Vault Applications