CyberLock Applications for Parking
With a large inventory of dispersed, stand-alone meters and kiosks, the parking industry faces a unique set of security challenges. Unfortunately, both internal and external theft represent significant costs for municipalities and parking management companies. To guard against external theft, selecting a quality lock is the first and most important line of defense. In addition, the right lock can hold parking enforcement and service personnel accountable.

Accountability & Loss Prevention

One electronic key can be used to service all the equipment on a route. You decide what locks the key can open and when. You can even set the dates and times to begin and end operation. CyberKey smart keys are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of the key ID code, meaning each CyberKey is unique and traceable. Additionally, keys can be set to automatically expire at the end of each shift, minimizing the risk of lost or unaccounted for keys.

Affordable & Cost Effective

Installing CyberLock requires a low initial investment. CyberLock cylinders retrofit into existing door hardware and install without power or wiring, making increasing security quick and affordable.

Easy Installation

Users can retrofit parking meters and pay stations with CyberLock electronic cylinders. Simply remove the mechanical lock and replace it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder.

“CyberLock is virtually tailor made for parking meters. CyberLock cylinders easily retrofit into the existing hardware and require no power.”


  • Accountability & Loss Prevention
  • Affordable & Cost Effective
  • Easy Installation

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