Gas Utilities

Gas Utilities

Security Challenges of Gas Utilities

Gas utilities, both large and small, are looking for solutions that will allow them to secure their perimeters, track the movement of individuals, and prevent unauthorized access to their physical assets. From securing refineries to controlling assets to remote gates and doors, finding the appropriate security system is crucial.

Utilities are tasked with managing the access of their subcontractors and vendors, which can present challenges for their security. Taking a practical, measured approach to sourcing security solutions makes the task more productive and less intimidating.

The CyberLock system is tailor-made for gas utilities. This robust system allows refineries to track and control access to critical infrastructure, without hardwiring.

“We love the system’s accountability, the rolling expirations of the smart keys, and that every lock and key’s activity is recorded.”


  • Equipment Control
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Infrastructure Protection

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