Water Utilities

CyberLock Applications for Water Utilities

Security Challenges in the Water Industry

Water utilities, both large and small, are looking for solutions that will
allow them to secure their perimeters, track the movement of individuals,
and prevent unauthorized access to their physical assets. In doing so, they
face some unique challenges. Entry gates, well sites, re-pumping stations,
chemical feed, and other sensitive areas need to be protected. Additionally,
scheduled water sampling should be electronically documented. Last
but not least, utilities are tasked with managing the access of their
subcontractors and vendors, which can be challenging to their security.
Taking a practical, measured approach to sourcing security solutions makes
the task more productive and less intimidating.

CyberLock is virtually tailor-made for water utilities. With CyberLock,
a utility can have electronic access control and auditing capabilities
throughout their facilities, regardless of whether or not power is available
to the site.

“With CyberLock, we can provide substantial proof to the Health Department and EPA that we are diligent in our efforts to secure our facilities and keep the public water supply safe.”

-Technical Support Professional


  • Server Cabinet Protection
  • Equipment Control
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Infrastructure Protection

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