Gen 2 Cylinders

CyberLock Cylinders

Gen 2 Spec Sheet

CyberLock’s 2nd generation electronic cylinders are manufactured to the exact dimensions of the mechanical lock cylinders they replace. The absence of a conventional keyway means they are not vulnerable to traditional lock picking techniques. The cylinders are powered by CyberKey smart keys and require no power or wiring for installation.

Gen 2 CyberLock cylinders provide precise key control for even the largest installations. For the ultimate in key-centric access control, pair our latest lock design with one of CyberLock’s versatile second-generation CyberKey smart keys. Unlock all of the powerful, industry-leading features of 2nd generation cylinders by enabling the Gen 2 lock mode available in CyberAudit-Web 9.4 and later.

2nd Generation Electronic Cylinder Features

  • Features AES-256 encryption
  • Can operate in Gen 1 mode or Gen 2 mode
  • Contains a unique ID that cannot be changed or duplicated
  • Has the ability to store up to 6500 access events
    • Key ID
    • Date & Time
    • Event Type
  • Retains encrypted access codes that bind the lock to a specific system
  • Contains a list of up to 500 blocked keys
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors

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