CyberLock Technology

CyberLock was the first to market with an electronic key access control system in 2000. CyberLock electronic cylinders are designed to retrofit directly into existing mechanical lock hardware. With nearly 400 different electronic cylinder configurations and a durable, weather-resistant design, CyberLock can deliver electronic access control to more doors, gates, and enclosures than anyone else on the market. Our comprehensive electronic cylinder catalog makes CyberLock compatible with virtually every mechanical lock design, eliminating the expense of replacing existing hardware or installing a hardwired access control system. Additionally, CyberLock continually strives to innovate new products based on the needs of our customers. The CyberLock suite of products offers a wealth of powerful features that give you precise control over access to your facility, including the ability to create custom access schedules, generate detailed audit reports, and update access permissions on-the-go.

  • CyberLock’s 2nd generation cylinders offer AES-256 encryption
  • CyberLock has 2nd generation cylinders tested to EN15684 and EN16864 Certifications
  • CyberLock was the first to market with a WiFi-enabled smart key
  • CyberLock was the first to market with a Bluetooth-enabled smart key
  • CyberLock offers an industry-leading range of communicators that increase control and visibility
  • CyberLock is designed to withstand harsh environments with a variety of IP68-rated cylinders
  • CyberLock cylinders have a sealed design that prevents conventional lock picking techniques
  • CyberLock products are designed and manufactured in the USA