Veterans Affairs

CyberLock Veterans Affairs Applications
Historically, the use of mechanical keys and locks was the first and only form of security found in Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals. Unfortunately, mechanical master key systems can quickly become a security emergency when employees are dismissed or keys are lost or stolen. Additionally, accountability is virtually impossible to maintain in systems that do not provide a record of access attempts.


By using CyberLock electronic cylinders, the overall per door cost is significantly reduced because it uses the existing mechanical lock hardware and no wiring is needed.

Access Control

CyberLock provides access control beyond the door. Electronic cylinders can be installed nearly anywhere controlled access and auditing is needed, including server cabinets, drug dispensaries, computer carts, supply rooms, pharmacy cabinets, and more.

System Integration

CyberLock provides a uniformly integrated access system. Smart padlocks, electronic locks, and a hardwired door control system work together under one powerful, web-based access management structure.

“The CyberLock system provides a proven way for VA hospitals to implement an access control solution without the cost of hardwiring.”


  • Cost-Effective
  • Key Management
  • System Integration

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