CyberAudit-Web 9.5 Wins Platinum Secure Campus Award

CyberLock is proud to announce that CyberAudit-Web 9.5 (CAW) is the recipient of a Platinum
Secure Campus Award in the Access Control Software Category. This award is given based on
features, innovation, user friendliness, interoperability, quality, and more. CAW 9.5 brings together
more access control options than any previous version. CAW 9.5 offers access to hardwired doors
via Bluetooth, infrared, RFID, and more. CAW 9.5 provides one suite for managing CyberLock
systems. CAW 9.5 can assign keys, set expirations, configure access schedules, and provide audit and
reporting capabilities. The innovative new features include the Google Maps integration, offering
users the ability to see where all their CyberLock components are located.

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