Flex System Controller Hub

The CyberLock Flex System Hub enables communication between a variety of Flex System modules as well as third party input and output devices and reports access information back to CyberAudit management software. Embedded memory in the Hub stores access permissions and saves audit trail information, enabling continuous operation even when a network connection to the software is interrupted.

CyberLock FS-SH01 Flex System Hub

Flex System Hub Facts

  • Includes eight (8) RS-485 ports that support Flex System modules.
  • Includes one (1) RJ-45 (Ethernet) port to interface with CyberAudit management software.
  • Stores access data in memory to keep system operational even during network outages.
  • Supports back-up power configurations.
    • Auxiliary power connection
    • Battery option
  • Powers Flex System modules.
  • Senses and charges rechargeable CyberKey smart keys stored in the weatherized key vault.