Power Utilities

Security Challenges for Power Utilities

Power utilities face a variety of security challenges. From securing local
substations to controlling access to remote gates and doors, finding the
appropriate security system is of utmost importance. Securing remote
locations and padlocked gates can be challenging due to the lack of power
supply at these sites. Additionally, U.S. power utilities are required to meet
NERC/CIP standards for physical security.

The CyberLock system is tailor made for power utilities. This robust
system allows power utilities to track and control access to critical
infrastructure, without hardwiring.

“We needed a system that would eliminate the risks associated with the duplication of keys and assist us with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance by tracking contractors and employees that go into locations that contain critical cyber assets.”

-Security Manager


  • Server Cabinet Protection
  • Equipment Control
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Infrastructure Protection

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