Case Study: Georgia Department of Transportation

Category: Traffic Control

Challenge: Finding a Cost Effective Solution to Monitor Subcontractor Activity

With dozens of hub buildings and field equipment needing to be secured, GDOT found it hard to manage access to their assets. Oftentimes they needed to allow subcontractors into restricted areas for a limited amount of time. To do this, GDOT would have to issue a key to a subcontractor and ensure the key was returned within the prescribed time. Additionally, various traffic control meters and overhead digital signs were in need of a security solution that ensured the general public was not changing text or turning signals off completely.

GDOT initially used standard #2 keys, the most commonly used key in traffic control applications in the United States. Standard #2 keys are easily lost and/or duplicated, which caused key control problems for GDOT.

Solution: CyberLock

To combat the issues they were facing, GDOT turned to the CyberLock access control solution. CyberLock gave GDOT the ability to issue a CyberKey to a subcontractor. The CyberKey can be scheduled to open specific locks for a specific amount of time. Additionally, CyberKey smart keys are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of the key ID code, meaning each CyberKey is unique and traceable. This solution gave GDOT peace of mind knowing that subcontractors could not have unlimited access to restricted areas. GDOT was able to easily retrofit their existing lock hardware with CyberLock cylinders without any hardwiring. Additionally, without the need to hardwire each access point, GDOT was able to deploy CyberLock while staying within their budget. They secured 28 hub buildings, various ramp meters, along with several digital traffic signs over freeways and interstates.

GDOT uses their CyberLock system daily to issue keys and track miscellaneous key holders' activity. According to Brian Jackson, their system administrator, "CyberLock fits the bill very well" and they are "very pleased" with the CyberLock system.

Georgia Department of Transportation Case Study
"CyberLock fits the bill very well."

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