Case Study: Roseville School District

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Challenge: Finding a Cost Effective Way to Monitor Vandalism and Lost Keys

Due to regularly lost keys and vandalism of property, Roseville Joint Unified School District’s Brian Gruchow (Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation) needed to implement a district-wide access control solution. Despite an ever-growing number of keys getting lost, stolen or misplaced, it was financially prohibitive to rekey the entire school district each year. A complete rekey had not occurred in over 30 years, resulting in inadequate security throughout the district.

Solution: CyberLock

After a year of in-depth research and testing of various security products and systems, the RJUSD discovered the solution that best fit their needs. Inexpensive, easy to install and minimal maintenance requirements made CyberLock’s access control system the best fit. The CyberLock system required no hardwiring and the cylinders were easily retrofitted in the district’s existing Schlage and Corbin-Russwin mechanical hardware. The ease of installation was an immediate benefit, both in cost of equipment and cost of labor.

RJUSD has benefitted immensely from the CyberLock system. Due to the fact that the CyberLock system allows keyholders to carry one key to access various locks, the district has significantly decreased the overall number of keys they use. Additionally, they will never need to rekey the entire district again. The CyberAudit software allows the district to schedule access permissions to specific locks and prohibit access to other locks. The software also allows lost or stolen keys to be labeled as such, thereby revoking their access permissions. Through the software, district management is also able to pull an audit trail that shows which key accessed, or attempted to access, specific locks and the time the access attempt occurred. The audit trail also allows the district to track time and attendance of employees. Finally, RJUSD found that the CyberLock system did not impede daily operations thanks to its ease of use and versatility.

The benefits of the CyberLock system were so apparent that individual school sites throughout the district began using their own budgets to install more locks. RJUSD currently has over 1400 CyberLocks and over a thousand keys in use. The implementation of CyberLock's access control system has decreased lock vandalism by 90% in the district. Over the last decade, RJUSD has slowly replaced some of their original keys with rechargeable CyberKeys. Gruchow stated, "Better security for our kids is the number one priority." With over 10,000 students across several campuses, district security has increased significantly due to the CyberLock system.

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"The best and least expensive solution."

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