CyberLock CP-05 Electronic Checkpoint

A non-locking version of CyberLock, used for data recording at checkpoints

The CyberPoint is an electronic tag designed to serve as a data checkpoint during security tours. It is an extension of the CyberLock system using the same keys and software.

CyberPoint Checkpoint Facts

  • Each CyberPoint is manufactured with a unique ID which cannot be changed or duplicated
  • CyberPoints contain encrypted access codes that identify the system to which they belong
  • No wiring or battery is required
    • A CyberPoint is energized by the battery in the key
    • Guard tour monitoring can proceed even during power outages
  • CyberPoints record the last 1100 events in memory
  • CyberPoints contain a list of lost/stolen keys to prevent lost keys from gaining access