CyberLock Authorizer Keyport, Gen 2, AKG2-01

Communicator, indoor/outdoor installation, Gen 2, RoHS Compliant

The CyberKey Authorizer Keyport 2 is the next generation Authorizer Keyport. It has all the features of the original Authorizer Keyport but also offers a significant increase to key update speed when paired with a CyberKey Authorizer Hub 2 and is fully compatible with all CyberKeys.

Communicators Overview

CyberLock communication devices serve as the interface between CyberLock hardware and CyberAudit management software.

Access privileges are distributed to key holders via communicators. These devices are linked to the software over a local area network or securely over the Internet. When a CyberKey and communicator make contact, the audit trail is downloaded from the key while simultaneously new schedules, permissions, and system information are uploaded to the key.

To increase security and accountability, access privileges can be programmed to expire at scheduled intervals. This results in users regularly updating and reauthorizing keys at communicators.

Communicator Features

  • Key activity downloads and key permission updates occur simultaneously.
  • Communicator compatibility depends on the key type and version of CyberAudit software installed.
  • Several communicators offer multiple functions, such as charging the key battery or storing unprogrammed keys.